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Belmio decaffeinato collection

Unleash the Decaf experience!

Belmio is the first brand to launch a complete, premium range of decaffeinated coffee in aluminium capsules worldwide.
For coffee lovers who prefer to enjoy their coffee without caffeine, we present a range of decaffeinated coffees.
Discover our Premium Decaffeinato, Half Caffeinato, Decaffeinato Vanilla & Decaffeinato Caramel.


Our PREMIUM DECAFFEINATO is a pure blend of decaffeinated Arabicas from Colombia, Brazil and Ethiopia with sweet & fruity notes. This medium roasted, full-bodied espresso is balanced out by sweet, orangey chocolate notes. Discover this excellent decaffeinated coffee that doesn’t taste like a decaf !

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The HALF CAFFEINATO is a half-decaffeinated medium roasted coffee that is sweet & exciting. The blend is an exquisite selection of unwashed Arabicas from Brazil and washed Arabicas from Kenya & Colombia, coffee beans distinguishable by its sweet, yet bold flavour.

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Discover our DECAFFEINATO VANILLA coffee, a blend of the best, decaffeinated Latin American Arabicas, which has the same velvety-smooth vanilla aroma as our original Vanilla flavoured coffee.

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Discover our DECAFFEINATO CARAMEL coffee, a blend of the best, decaffeinated Latin American Arabicas, which has the same sweet & tender caramel aroma as our original Caramel flavoured coffee.

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Decaf can taste like real coffee? Yes! The key to a great, you-don’t-even-know-its-decaf is using a natural, 100% chemical-free decaffeination process & great green coffee beans, that preserve the coffees’ full character.
Belmio’s Decaffeinato coffees are created by using two kind of decaffeination processes.

Swiss water
We believe that coffee drinkers deserve a choice in how their coffee is decaffeinated. The proprietary Swiss Water® Process uses water and the naturally occurring soluble solids from green coffee—without introducing chemical solvents and their residue—to gently remove caffeine while preserving the origin flavors, taste, and characteristics of the coffee.

We love to geek out on our decaf technique. Here's our latest video explaining how we do what we do, and what makes your Swiss Water® decaf taste so great. Enjoy, and share with friends!

About CO²
In CO2 decaffeination, the green coffee beans are immersed in water which allows them to swell up and become more optimal for caffeine extraction. The green beans are hurled into a stainless-steel extraction vessel, and CO2 is added at high pressure. This high-pressure form is known as supercritical C02. Now, the C02, acting as a solvent, begins to suck up some water but mostly the caffeine. The next step sees the beans removed from the sealable drums, dried, and roasted. The caffeine that was removed doesn’t get thrown away, it is recirculated and sold to companies that add caffeine to their products. The circle of caffeine is never broken!

The CO2 process is a natural, safe process that preserves the beans’ innate chemical makeup.  The result is wonderfully, rich, flavorful coffee.